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Gratify Tuition & Education Services is one of the leading
"Tuition and Education Consultancies" in Singapore.
We have the objective of providing excellent one-stop education services.

Our services include "Private home tuition, Singapore's Education Package for foreigners, Music Lessons, Foreign languages courses and many more".


Private Tuition
First Lesson is a trial! Rest Assured that all our tutors are qualified, responsible, reliable and patient. Tuition fee from $10/hr onwards.
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Private Music/ Sports Lessons
Piano/ Guitar/ Flute/ Tennis/ Swimming etc from our qualified teachers.
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:: Fast :: Quality :: Reliable :: Value
We have a wide database of more than 20,000 experienced tutors.
2) All tutors have a minimum of
2 years up-to-date teaching experience
We are certain of finding the right qualified tuition teacher to coach and mentor your children that will tremendously improve their grades in the shortest time.
All tutors are screened by agency for their teaching proficiency

Our tutors came from top institutes like:
National University of Singapore (NUS)
NanyangTechnological University (NTU)
Singapore Management University (SMU)
Singapore Instituite of Management (SIM/UNISIM)
and National Institute of Education (NIE, PGDE)

- Native chinese, English and Foreign languages Teacher
- Ex/ Current School Teacher in International & local Gov Schools
- Full time tuition centre teacher
- Kindergarten/ Phonics/ Childcare teacher
Working professionals, Journalist, Lawyers, Business executive etc
- TESOL/ IELTS/ SAT certified
teachers and many more

Primary levels- English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil, English/ Chinese Creative writing, Maths, Science and Social Studies

Secondary Levels- English, Chinese, A & E Maths, Geography, History, Social Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics and Literature, Principle of Accounts, Malay, Tamil

Junior levels- General paper, Chinese, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature, History, Geography, Economics, Malay, Tamil

University Levels- Statistic. Economics, English, Business, Information Technology

We are 100% confident in getting the best tutor
to help your child achieve better grades.


Foreign Languages Courses
Popular languages such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Business and daily English conversaton and many more from $25/ hr onwards.
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Join Our Referral Team
Foreigners/ Locals welcome. No capital. Team work is the heart to success. High referral fees. read more

Partnership Collaboration
We outsource experience teachers to schools/ kindergartens/ tuition centres. Interview our teachers/ tutors now! read more

Our tutors are specialised in:

International Baccalaureate (IB)
Integrated Programme (IP)
Cambridge IGCSE
Cambridge N, O and A level


Why Tuition?

1) School teacher is unable pay equal attention to all students in class. Tuition is the best way to ensure that the students results able to get grasp of new topics being taught daily.
A tutor with individual attention can help the student to understand and clear doubts in every subject.
2) The struggling student who wants to clarify his/her doubts.
3) The motivated student who wants to excel and push for better grades.
4) Master what to study in the shortest time.
5) Achieve more GRADE As in Exam!



First lesson is a trial
for private home tuition!!

Students are able to request for the tutors to show them their relevant certifications for verification on the first day
of lesson
" We are your Education Gurus.
Our duty is to find the best suitable tutor to help your child achieve better grades."
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