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Personal Music Lessons
( Clarinet/ Violin/ Piano/ Guitar/ Saxaphone/ Flute and many more)




$25 onwards based on 1 hr or 45 mins per lesson

** Fees may vary based on teacher's experience and certifications achievement

Our Teachers' Goal
1. We provide professionals to coach you, allowing you to grasp the skill in the shortest time.
2. Motivate student
3. Assured yourself/ your kid will have fun during the lesson based on their professionalism

Exam Preparation available ( Practical and Theory Lesson)
-ABRSM and more

Our teachers:
1) All our teachers have a minimum 2 years of teaching experience.
2) Long term committed team of teachers
3) Affordable fees of $25/hr onwards.
4) Verification of tutor's certifications can be arranged
5) Return with tutor's detailed profile within 24 hours via SMS/ Email/ Call.

- 4 to 8 lessons per 4 weeks x 45mins/ 1hr per session

Call now to get a tutor and quotation from us within 24hrs. Rates is from $25/hr onwards, based on the sports type, teachers' background n experience

Enjoy our competitive rates in the market. We also help students to prepare/ register for music examinations.For more information about music lessons, kindly contact us at 67879759 for more details information.

**Kindly contact us for other music lessons that are not at the above categories

First Lesson is a trial !!!

"Our duty is to ensure your child find the best tutor to achieve good grades"

Students are able to request for the tutors to show them their relevant certifications for verification on the first day
of lesson
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